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May 22, 2011

Partnerships between the Iraqi private sector and foreign
companies from New phenomena in the Iraqi economy, a
partnership company Oasis International groups of companies
with Al Morrell Development companies explained
to us that the sector Iraqi private endeavor to achieve success
and integration into the business society
And for the international spotlight over the economic cost
the magazine met Deputy Director of the company Oasis
International Engineer JASM ALI.
Deputy Director of the company Oasis International Engineer
JASM ALI Representative Al Morrell Development
companies (AMD) in Iraq , Say his company provides
logistical and operational support services to the worlds
most demanding customers.
The company builds, operates and maintains facilities
in challenging locations, often on extremely compressed
timelines with limited development infrastructure. A division
of AMD, Pearl is Iraqs largest purified water bottler,
with six facilities and a daily capacity of 1.75 million
bottles. Exceeding international quality standards with advanced
reverse-osmosis technology, Pearl has produced
more than 1.5 billion bottles of water since 2005,
building an unbroken track record of lab-verified purity.
Al Morrell Development is an international company
with a near decade-long history of providing services
and creating local jobs in Iraq, we are committed to operating
with integrity, trust and reliabilityand making
a positive difference in the communities we serve.
Add our business relies on local material vendors,
transporters, distributors, and retail outlets to support
our bottled water operation. Our local Iraqi partners
are the key to our success.
We have a very good sense of the Iraqi private sector
from extensive market research studies and on the
ground experience.
We have been operating in Iraq since 2003 and have
had many positive encounters with Iraqi business partners.
A credible past performance is a great indicator
of a business competency.
Also we are optimistic that the worldwide interest in
Iraq will continue to attract new business and fuel investment,
to support Iraqs continued growth.
We believe in the people of Iraq, and see tremendous
business opportunities. We are so excited to be a part
of the Iraq business community. We are looking to build long term strategic relationships
with local and international business partners in
Iraq, serving both the public and private sectors.
We are expanding our current operations to other core
competencies, and are anxious to present them at this
While we believe Iraq based expos and conferences
are extremely important in overcoming the barriers to
We see conferences as a great way to expand relationships
and access all the opportunities Iraq has to offer.
We expect that this conference will bring new support
and interest to our commercial water bottle sales,
a chance to network with the local and international
business community in Iraq, and new business development
Finally The investment legislation has been helpful;
however without the full support of all Ministries, its
value has been limited.
We hope a more streamlined process can be implemented
to help support the efforts of Investors.
It is easy to get very discouraged with the lengthy process.


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